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Best Kittel was DNA tested CRY1 AGTT

DNA testing has revealed the rare and beneficial TT variant of this newly discovered gene is very dominantly present in this family of pigeons.
CRY1 or cryptochrome 1 is a new discovered gene that codes for a protein in the retina of the eye. This cryptochrome 1 gene appears to have a statistically significant relationship with competition performance. The interest in this gene came from studies in birds that show that the perception of the Earth's magnetic field (and therefore part of the orientation ability) appears to be linked to proteins in the retina of the eye. These cryptochrome proteins would serve as a form of magnetoreceptor through a quantum phenomenon in addition to functions in day-night rhythm and UV light perception.
A variation was found in the intron of this gene; this means a DNA sequence before the actual coding strand of the gene that has to do with translating the gene into protein. With such mutations in humans and animals, one often sees an influence on how much the gene is transcribed and therefore how much of the relevant protein is made - this is called 'gene expression'. The TT variant of the gene is statistically more present in top performing pigeons meaning mostly AGTT and the rare TTTT genotype. The AGAG genotype is the normal most common genotype in racepigeons.


This relatively rare TT allele is very dominantly present in the Best Kittel family. ‘Best Kittel’ was raced by Dehon-Demonceau and won 1st national acepigeon speed KBDB after winning 4th national acepigeon speed KBDB the year before. This pigeon is owned by PIPA breeding and started an immense family of race winning pigeons. Best Kittel himself has the AGTT genotype. Also the renowned national ace pigeons ‘Junior’, ‘Best Kittel II’ and ‘Daniel’ have this AGTT genotype.

Moreover the rare TTTT genotype was tested to be present in 1st Super Ace Victoria Falls OLR ‘Victory Best Kittel’, the dominant breeding hen ‘Shakira’, ‘Olympic Shakira’ and ‘Shakira II’ !

Shakira was DNA tested CRY1 TTTT

Shakira was DNA tested CRY1 TTTT



Ruben Lanckriet