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Pigeon Genetics

Pigeon Genetics Center for enhancing, counseling and reliability of the Genetic Quality of Racing pigeons.

Latest news

New DNA markers for racing performance

New quality markers for racing performance!

We are happy to announce we are offering 3 new proven markers for racing performance!

From now on the quality gene tests are offered in one package. Pigeons that were tested before on LDHA, DRD4 or CRY1 receive an automatic discount.

Sun, 28/01/24


  • Strict sampling procedure
  • International DNA Marker Pigeon Panel by ISAG
  • Quality testing by accredited labs
  • Fraud resistant online certification with unique QR code
    and with more generations DNA guaranteed

What are our work methods?

About us

PiGen stands for Pigeon Genetics, a centre for the improvement, counselling and reliability of the genetic quality of racing pigeons.

PiGen was started by two veterinarians, Ruben Lanckriet and Pascal Lanneau, to meet the many questions concerning the scientific proof of the pigeon's parentage.

Our goal?