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Get a DNA profile for 39.5 € when you self-input your pigeons in our system.

The benefits of self-input:
•           Minimize the probability of errors in the listing of the ring numbers
•           Easy download and print agreement owner – vet - PiGen
•           Email with PDF file of all the samples to take so you can print the labels (these labels can be sent to you by mail, mail to:
•           Easier to check if the parent has already DNA profiles
•           ....

If we need to put your DNA samples in our system, an administration fee of 3 € per sample will be charged.


We thank you for using our services. We keep aiming for the highest standard possible in racing pigeons DNA testing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


The PiGen team

(these prices are without VAT - this tax is only inside the EU )



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